Our Philosophy

We believe in mushroom positivity.

This is our mission and our mantra – our rally cry. We unapologetically believe that what we sell is a force for good in the world. We are bringing the mushroom and the culture around it out of the shadows and into a world that could use a little of its magic.

We are mushroom evangelists and thought leaders and we strive to spread the magic through education, advocacy and trial.

We currently have retail operations in the Netherlands and sell many of our products direct-to-consumer via this website. Please note that current laws prevent us from shipping some mushroom products to certain countries.


What is magic? Is it the appearance of something unexpected? Or the sensation of surprise? Or is it when perceptions are altered or challenged?

It is all these things and more. Magic is how we find delight in the unknown. It’s how we tickle our curiosity. And how we invite the mystical into our reality. Mushrooms are magic.

For eons, these fantastic fungi have opened our minds, lifted our spirits, raised our consciousness, and reframed the world as we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell it. These gifts are – for most people – yet to be opened. Because mushrooms don’t just grow in the dark, they live in the shadows. Stigmatized, infantilized, criminalized, and misunderstood, the magic of the mushroom is trapped in a dark box.

Now, as the world darkens and people look for meaning, healing, and connection in unexplored places, we’re ready to let the world into our world. We’re ready to open our hearts and our doors.

We invite everyone,
from the pyschonaut to the first-time traveler,
into our world and our store.